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Sleep disorders in the initial period of azipro pills are manifested by difficulty falling asleep, shallow sleep with an abundance of disturbing dreams, awakenings in the middle of the night, difficulty falling asleep later, and early awakening. After sleep they do not feel rested. There may be a lack of feeling of sleep at night, although in fact patients sleep at night. With deepening asthenia, and especially during physicalsocial or mental stress, a feeling of drowsiness occurs during the daytime, without, however, simultaneously improving sleep at night.

As a rule, the symptoms of asthenia are less pronounced or even (in mild cases) completely absent in the morning and, on the contrary, intensify or appear in the second half of the day, especially in the evening. One of the reliable signs of asthenia is a condition in which relatively satisfactory health is observed in the morning, deterioration occurs at work and reaches a maximum in the evening. In this regard, before performing any homework, the patient must first rest.

The symptomatology of asthenia is very diverse, which is due to a number of reasons. Manifestations of asthenia depend on which of the main disorders included in its structure is predominant. If the picture of asthenia is dominated by hot temper, explosiveness, impatience, a feeling of internal tension, inability to restrain, i.e. symptoms of irritation - speak of asthenia with hypersthenia. This is the mildest form of asthenia.

In cases where the picture is dominated by fatigue and a feeling of powerlessness, asthenia is defined as hyposthenic, the most severe asthenia. An increase in the depth of asthenic disorders leads to a sequential change from milder hypersthenic asthenia to more severe stages. As the mental state improves, hyposthenic asthenia is replaced by milder forms of asthenia. Asthenia is the most common and most common mental disorder. It can be found in any mental and somatic disease. It is often combined with other neurotic syndromes. Asthenia must be differentiated from depression. In many cases, it is very difficult to distinguish between these conditions, which is why the term astheno-depressive syndrome is used.

OBSESSIVE SYNDROME (obsessive-compulsive syndrome) is a psychopathological condition with a predominance of obsessive phenomena (i.e., involuntarily arising in the mind of painful and unpleasant thoughts, ideas, memories, fears, desires, actions, to which a critical attitude remains and the desire to resist them). As a rule, it is observed in anxious and suspicious individuals during the period of asthenia and is perceived critically by patients.

Obsessive syndrome, in which obsessive phenomena occur in the form of azipro pills, is often accompanied by severe vegetative symptoms. pallor or redness of the skin, cold sweat, tachy- or bradycardia, a feeling of azithromycin pills of air, increased intestinal motility, polyuria, etc. Dizziness and lightheadedness may occur.

Obsessive syndrome is a common disorder in borderline mental illnesses, mature personality disorders (obsessive-compulsive personality disorder), and depression in anxious and suspicious individuals. HYSTERICAL SYNDROME is a symptom complex of mental, autonomic, motor and sensory disorders that often occurs in immature, infantile, self-centered individuals after mental trauma. Often these are individuals of an artistic bent, prone to posing, deceit, and demonstrativeness.

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Such persons always strive to be the center of attention and to be noticed by others. They don�t care what feelings they evoke in others, the main thing is that they don�t leave anyone around indifferent. Mental disorders are manifested primarily by instability of the emotional sphere. stormy, but quickly replacing each other feelings of indignation, protest, joy, hostility, sympathy, etc. Facial expressions and movements are expressive, overly expressive, theatrical.

Characteristic is figurative, often pathetically passionate speech, in which the patient�s “I” is in the foreground and the desire at any cost to buy azipro online the interlocutor of the truth of what they believe in and what they want to prove. Events are always presented in such a way that those listening should get the impression that the facts being reported are the truth. Most often, the information presented is exaggerated, often distorted, and in some cases represents a deliberate lie, in particular in the form of a slander. The untruth may be well understood by the patient, but they often believe in it as an immutable truth. The latter circumstance is associated with increased suggestibility and self-hypnosis of patients.